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How to Stop Porch Pirates In Three Simple Steps


On average, in the United States, UPS and FedEx are handling 22 million packages a day! That’s not including smaller shippers or even USPS. That’s a lot of stuff being distributed and placed on porches for anyone to admire and sadly enough...steal. 


While we are all still navigating through 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in online orders/shipments being left at your doorstep. Unfortunately, that means an uptick in thievery.


Now that we have identified the problem, we must name our solution. The Skybell Video Doorbell is always on and always watching and protecting your home.


1. Install our Skybell Video Doorbell. Call us at 844-901-2123 to get an installation scheduled. We will be happy to walk you through everything and get your front door ready and installed.


2. Monitor the movement outside your door on the delivery date. We are spoiled with knowing almost to the minute of when a package should arrive to our homes. You'll know your package is here when the delivery driver rings your doorbell camera, triggering an alert on your smartphone. Open your Alarm.com app for a live video view of the driver, then tap the microphone button to say hello.



3. Designate a safer area for your delivery placement. Once you've spoken to the driver to verify them, ask them to leave the package in a private area, or give them permission to place the package in your backyard and out of plain sight. Just make sure your dogs, if you have any, aren’t in the backyard!



Now you can have the peace of mind that your deliveries won’t be stolen right off your front porch. Preventing package theft is easy with our Alarm.com technology. If you have smart home security already, talk to your service provider about adding a doorbell camera and smart lock for 2020.


Don't have smart home security yet? Call us at 844-901-2123.