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Can Smart Locks Be Hacked?


Smart locks are one of the most popular Smart Home improvement purchases in 2020. Many see the added benefit of preventing intruders from entering, garnering evidence should anything happen to your property, making sure your door is locked while you are away, or simply letting your neighbor in for a borrowed cup of sugar, and many of these devices are now used to see what is actually happening in your neighborhood when you aren’t watching.

But are smart locks truly safe? Can smart locks be hacked?

These are two questions that are frequently asked and searched online.


Here is how a smart lock works:

 Smart locks are connected to your wireless network and our encrypted network Alarm.com. The locks and cameras can be remotely controlled on a smartphone or computer from next door or even thousands of miles away.

The app will tell you when it is locked or unlocked and it will automatically keep a log of those events.


So how can a smart lock get hacked?

The short answer is yes.


When installed and used correctly, smart locks are just as safe as conventional locks. However, if you don’t install or use it appropriately, that can present some vulnerabilities. This is why we highly recommend that you talk with one of our representatives about our smart lock. Not only are you protecting your information, but we also are partnered with Alarm.com which gets notices if there is ever something suspicious happening to any of your smart home devices. There is a reason why we have been top-rated for over a decade on the Better Business Bureau. Your safety and security matters to us.

Here are a few tips when picking a smart lock:

1. Buy from a reputable company. This is not something you want to get a bargain on!

2. Make sure the Smart Lock uses proper AES encryption. At a MINIMUM, use a 128-bit AES encryption. That is the standard used by the U.S. government and has become the standard for most of the private sector worldwide.

3. Make sure you use 2-Factor-Authentication. This will require you to use two forms of verification in order to gain access to a system. You should utilize this on all your personal smart devices and apps that contain personal information.

4.Keep the Software and Applications up to date. Updates happen for a reason and software updates for security systems are vital for your continued safety and security.

Should you have any questions or are interested in investing in a smart lock, please contact us at (877) 287-3077. Just so you know, we have an #IndependencePromo going on right now through July 31st, 2020. This promo gives you the freedom to choose ANY smart home package. Choose between a video surveillance camera, a video doorbell, or both! Any package you choose is only $19.99 per month, with no money down.