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American Defense Systems Is Now ONIT Home Service

American Defense Systems Is Now ONIT Home Service

American Defense Systems Is Now ONIT Home Service

Home Security (Dallas, TX) – In 2009, Curtis Kindred started American Defense Systems with the goal of protecting homes and families throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The company started with a small humble office in North Texas, but quickly grew to become one of the top Authorized Dealers of Brinks Home Security (formerly Monitronics). American Defense Systems was recognized as the DEALER OF THE YEAR in 2016.


After making some lucrative strategic partnerships in the homeowner space, we noticed an ongoing trend. ADS has always specialized in security and automation, but our customers were asking us for additional services for their new home. They were asking for services like cable, satellite, internet, solar energy, insurance, water purification and even who we would recommend for roofing and construction.

In 2019, we began adding these verticals to our company – not making partnerships but launching companies. We began bringing in leaders in each industry that would provide years of experience in their field and bring the best value to our customers. These companies (owned by American Defense Systems) have already launched independently, and have been growing under our new brand – the ONIT brand.

In February of 2020, American Defense Systems will be rebranding to ONIT HOME SERVICE.

ONIT Home Service – The home service brand encompasses all of our offerings, and connects all of our services together under one, unified group. www.onithomeservice.com

ON THE FRONT END: ONIT Home Service will be taking place of the “American Defense Systems” company name.

ON THE BACK END: Our ADS employees will forge on with a new name for our home security division.

ONIT Smart Home – Installing home security, automation and surveillance, ONIT Smart Home will be taking place of our beloved American Defense Systems brand. The same great service, nationwide coverage and licensed technicians, installing Qolsys, Alarm.com and systems monitored by Brinks Home Security. New name, same great service! www.onitsmarthome.com

ONIT Concierge – Consider our concierge service a “moving company for home services”. We connect customers with their choice of cable, satellite and internet providers and install a customized home security system. We also connect utilities like water, gas and energy including solar options; which brings us to our next exciting new vertical (solar). www.onitsmarthome.com

ONIT Energy USA – We have worked with many different solar providers in the past, but chose to build our very own solar energy sales force. With over 10 years of solar experience in our leadership team, we are offering different payment options to our customers like outright purchase, finance or PPA. www.onitsmarthome.com

ONIT Roofing & Construction – Operating throughout the state of Texas, specializing in commercial and residential roofing, insulation and waterproofing systems. We are also offering general construction work and residential roofing repair or replacement. Over 15 years of experience behind our team, our contractors have the capacity and experience to complete any job on time, and on budget.www.onitsmarthome.com

ONIT Insurance – When you own your home, you need to make sure you have the right coverage at a price you can afford. Our insurance group allows you to choose from the large nationwide providers (like Progressive & Nationwide), but we also partner with smaller more specific providers for customized coverage. www.onitsmarthome.com

ONIT Water – Working with homeowners to make their drinking water better through systems that provide purification, filtration and softening. Providing professional installation, and offering low monthly payments. www.onitsmarthome.com

With all of these companies coming together under a single brand, ONIT will be adding even more services as we grow and scale. We are excited to enter 2020 as ONIT Home Service – we know homeowners have a lot to consider when it comes to caring for their homes. No matter what your home needs – WE’RE ONIT!