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American Defense Systems Is Now ONIT Home ServiceAmerican Defense Systems Is Now ONIT Home Service
February 3rd, 2020: In 2009, Curtis Kindred started American Defense Systems with the goal of protecting homes and families throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Christmas Tree Fires and Smart Home Smoke DetectionChristmas Tree Fires and Smart Home Smoke Detection
December 11th, 2019: Christmas trees are popping up all over America. While some of us choose to ‘fake-it’, many homes will get a real tree to celebrate the holiday

How Many Contact Sensors Does Your Home NeedHow Many Contact Sensors Does Your Home Need
November 8th, 2019: Of all the security devices out there, contact sensors might seem the least interesting. They’re small, simple and unobtrusive, with a single function: to detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, cabinets and drawers.

Spare Keys Easy Entry for EveryoneSpare Keys Easy Entry for Everyone
November 8th, 2019: Spare Keys Do you have one under the planter? Under the Welcome mat? On top of the door frame? Hidden in an inconspicuous spot that no one would ever think to look… but they may? Let’s face it, spare keys are a security risk. Every key you give out de

Fake Cameras ReallyFake Cameras Really
November 8th, 2019: FAKE CAMERAS – It’s crazy but it’s true, some people entrust their home protection to fake home security cameras—an empty camera body designed to mimic a video monitoring solution. When a burglar spots

Do You Worry About The Security Of Your HomeDo You Worry About The Security Of Your Home
November 8th, 2019: Alarm.com preformed a recent study, revealing that two-thirds of all homeowners worry about home security and crime at least once a month. 42% experience worries once a week or more, while 16% worry about security every day.

Smart Home Control Energy SavingsSmart Home Control Energy Savings
November 8th, 2019: The weather is getting colder and rolling the clocks back this week means it’s getting dark out around 4:30PM… Some people coming home from work this week will arrive after the sun has already set.

Smart Security at your Vacation HomeSmart Security at your Vacation Home
November 8th, 2019: It is happening all over the country. People are shutting down their vacation homes. Now, some folks may hold out until Columbus day, but the first week of Fall is typically the week people start draining water systems, shutting

The Evolution of the Door LockThe Evolution of the Door Lock
November 8th, 2019: The invention of the “key & lock” dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. Some of the first locks were comprised of a wooden bolt that secured a door with a slot with several holes on its upper surface.

Video Doorbell Vs Package TheftVideo Doorbell Vs Package Theft
October 7th, 2019: Package theft—the snatching of boxes and parcels from porches and doorsteps—now affects millions of homeowners every year but a Video Doorbell will help stop package theft. Even if you haven’t been a

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